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"Mark is one of the best golf coaches in Sussex and will transform your game no matter what level you’re at. His approach to every part of the game and ability to break down development points in to understandable action areas is first rate. He will also regularly check in with you to check how things are going outside of your contact time, which is a level of after care that is rare to come by." G.Hollis
"Absolutely fantastic experience working with Mark. Over last 5 years had many different golf lessons/coaches, but Mark’s knowledge, analysis and commitment to your learning stands out. Have made so much progress in a short period of time and Mark always goes the extra mile to follow up after lessons and is always happy to answer any questions." C.Evans

"We have had lessons with Mark for the last year and could not recommend him more highly. He makes excellent use of the Trackman tool but is very careful not to overwhelm his student with too much information. He analyses what is needed and takes a staged approach to making improvements. We have loved his lessons." J & K. Blackwell
"In assessing a person for lessons Mark has always taken account of my age and physical ability. These are very important factors as I have frequently found other Professionals take it for granted senior players of my age are capable of applying techniques relevant to individuals of much younger years. He applies simple techniques which have helped me to improve the distance I hit the ball and far straighter. And most importantly he identifies and rectifies small errors in ones game which improve ones game enormously. The best Pro I have ever received lessons from." B.Sansom

“Results happen
over time, not overnight. Work hard,
stay consistent, and be patient”